Bitcoin address 137dqcJARdgSaccm5EdgyJvPJq1UcH4YJF ...


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Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: Have withdrawn btc from my dream account not a phishing link i know that 100% it says in my history been sent to the btc address i gave but has still not appeared in my coinjar as pending! Has anyone /r/darknet

Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: Have withdrawn btc from my dream account not a phishing link i know that 100% it says in my history been sent to the btc address i gave but has still not appeared in my coinjar as pending! Has anyone /darknet submitted by SimilarAdvantage to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

Coinjar - Can my Bitcoin address identify me?

I have verified myself with Coinjar, meaning they have all my personal information to identify me. I understand that each time I ask to view my Bitcoin wallet address it changes, and that by only giving someone my bitcoin address they have no way of knowing it is being used through Coinjar. My question is, however, is there any way that these addresses could ever be used to identify me? Essentially what I'm asking is, does Coinjar keep records of the addresses they have generated for each user, and can a transaction ever be linked back me?
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Upon making a purchase using the CoinJar wallet, the funds took 7 minutes to appear in the payment address. CoinJar said the slowdown was because of the Bitcoin network?

I was curious to gather opinions about what has caused this. I've sent 100s of Transactions and outside of Coinbase (which is a crappy wallet) this has never happened as far as I know.
I sent a payment to an address, and noticed that the Coinbase merchant services wasn't acknowledging the funds as paid. I kept waiting for 2 minutes, nothing. Curious, I then opened the payment address on and nothing had arrived yet. I kept refreshing and then finally after about 7 minutes total the funds arrived in the address, of course then listed as an "unconfirmed" transaction.
Moments later Coinbase Merchant Services cleared the item as paid.
CoinJar said this happened because of the Bitcoin network, and not because of a delay on their systems. They said the funds immediately left my wallet and to the address. What is it that causes this? I've never run into this. Every single time (unless I was using Coinbase Wallet) the BTC immediately leaves my wallet and enters the corresponding payment address.
Is this a failure of Node propagation, or is CoinJar mistaken in that the BTC did not leave their wallet immediately, and instead left 7 minutes later?
Thank you.
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Coinjar - Can my Bitcoin address identify me? /r/Bitcoin

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The Bitcoin Address 2014 - Andreas M. Antonopoulos CoinJar

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National Australia Bank Turns Back on Bitcoin, Closes Accounts

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Do most of you trade Ripple like you would shares on the stock market, or are you treating it as a long term investment and holding on to them. Also my thoughts on crypto as a newbie.

Also, as someone who is completely new to Ripple and cryto in general, I think the biggest thing holding Ripple back right now is how difficult/complicated it is to get into for everyday people. I spent an entire weekend trawling the internet trying to figure out how crypto works and what i need to do. I spent hours reading reviews so I wouldn’t risk my money disappearing and when I did, I then had to figure out how to a) buy bitcoin, b) convert it to ripple and c)what happens from there. I felt like not only do I need a degree in economics but also another in computer engineering.
There are so many things to consider, such as what addresses I need to keep private, what I’m allowed to give to other for transfers, transaction fees, the block chain, what happens if I lose access to my wallet, what is a wallet, what happens if a transaction doesn’t appear on the other end, security etc etc. In the end I signed up to coinjar, deposited cash, bought bitcoin, transferred a test to blockchain wallet(turns out I didn’t need to do this because coinjar is also a wallet), those bitcoins never appeared anyway, so now I need to chase that up, luckily it was a small test amount. Then I had to download ever coin as well as toast wallet, figure out how those worked, ask the internet, ask redit and transfer the bitcoin from coinjar to toast wallet via evercoin. Did that but then realized ever coins fees are much higher so you get less xrp in return than you would using shapeshift or changelly, but evercoin had better reviews and it was actually easy. The hardest part was as a newb, figuring out what address were what and which I needed to use for refund and what the destination address was and then I had to deposit a specific amount of BTC, but coinjar charges 0.0005btc fee so I had to manually deduct that from the amount I was transferring to make sure they matched to what evercoin was expecting so I could avoid an error.
OH man, I feel like I’ve added so much unnecessary stress to my life. I’m already down on what I started with because of all the fees associated with each transfer but like I said, I’m not planning on trading. It’s more of an investment for me and see where this leads.
I guess most of this is difficult to get your head around at first. But once you do it, it starts to make sense. The problem is there are millions of people like me ready to get in, but are just overwhelmed with the whole process because they don't understand it. Add to that the fact that it’s unregulated and you think you could lose your money at any point if you make a small mistake or type the wrong address or whatever. Tbh I still don’t entirely know what a private key or public key or secret key is, so if anyone can help me define those that’d be great.
My understanding is. A public key, is the address you give to others to transfer you money. It’s essentially the bsb/account number of the crypto world. A private key is your access to the wallet. Essentially your username and password to access your online banking Never give this to anyone. A secret key? I have no idea what this is
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Bitcoin just rescued my 200 USD from Wells Fargo

About 5 years ago I opened an account with Wells Fargo in the United States. I did so because at the time I was doing freelance videos for a media company in California. I was not a citizen or resident of the U.S. but I was able to travel under a visitors VISA and open the account. Fastforward 5 years and the account was never used. And the balance which I opened it with (a mere $200) was automatically transferred into another savings account which was opened at the same time.
I am now a resident and citizen in Australia and I finally decided that I wanted to get my funds from the U.S. account. However... the chequing account had been run dry (from the automatic transfer to the savings account and some misc fees) and it was therefore closed. The remaining balance (around $200) was now sitting idle in the savings account...
I called and tried to work out how they could close the account and send me the balance to my bank account in Australia, but it turns out this was impossible as the following scenarios show:
They had me on the phone for over an hour... and I was about to give up and attempt the last option (find a friend/family member in the states that could receive my card and have him mail it to me)... but then an idea dawned on me and I got off the phone...
I simply used the routing number and account number and got the savings account verified with Circle (took about 2 days). I then used circle to buy the balance of my account worth of bitcoin! And I now have that money in bitcoin (and I could trade it for Australian Dollars via Coinjar if I wanted to!).
I also did some calcs and the exchange rate through BTC would be better than buying Australian Dollars in the U.S. This shows why Bitcoin has such great potential for remittances!
TLDR; Couldn't close US account and get funds in Australia. Signed up with and bought the balance of the account in Bitcoin instead. Money is with me now.
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Anxpro - new exchange. Seems to accept/pay NZD.

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Need advice for crypto noob

Hi guys, I’m a complete newb to cryptocurency but have a question; in my line of work I outsource a lot and I pay the staff I utilise in crypto (either bitcoin or litecoin). At the moment I use the platform CoinJar and Bpay is slow (1-2 days to clear) so I have been using Blueshyft which is limited to $1000 per day and has a 3% fee but the wages I pay out often exceed this and it’s no longer viable. Plus CoinJar has a terrible Buy rate/AUD. I’ve seen sites like localbitcoins and Coinbase etc, but unsure what would be better, it’s quite overwhelming finding a solution that doesn’t have limitations. In summary, would be the most efficient and cost effective way and coin for me to make payments to my outsource’s crypto addresses and what coin would you use? Thank you in advance.
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Project Legionnaire Announcement: Wallet Obsidian - A Privacy Wallet for Blackcoin

The members of The Black Chamber are proud to announce completion of the first phase of Project Legionnaire: Wallet Obsidian – A Privacy Wallet for Blackcoin.
This is not an announcement of a release date or the first of a series of gradual updates. Obsidian is now ready to use. It is operational and available for download here: It is open source. Please download and test it for yourself. Other developers may incorporate some or all of the wallet’s features for other projects as they see fit.
Developer: Wallet Obsidian is the result of the skilled work of JP Richardson, the developer of Coinbolt ( With Obsidian, JP created a stealth address privacy wallet for our favorite coin, Blackcoin. In the course of his months of work, you saw his posts in this subreddit, usually requesting some background information on the coin. Primary financing for Wallet Obsidian has come from the various members of The Black Chamber, but most notably community member trustlessgold.
History of Project Legionnaire: This project was initiated by Wizfarm in the Spring of 2014. In October of 2014, the members of The Black Chamber organized to continue the project, seeing a need generally for a privacy/stealth wallet to supplement BlackHalo/NightTrader. The Black Chamber announced its existence on this subreddit in November of 2014.
Goals of Wallet Obsidian: Basic privacy is a critical element of commerce. The goal of this phase of Project Legionnaire is to provide basic privacy features to Blackcoin. Using stealth address technology ( Obsidian users only need one stealth address to protect their privacy. Obsidian is designed to aid in Blackcoin’s adoption by both the cryptocurrency community and the commercial mainstream. Traders, merchants, employers and employees can send and receive Blackcoin using stealth addresses. Others who are not party to the transaction will not be able to immediately or easily discover the existence of a transaction, where coins arrive or how they are spent. Wallet Obsidian is not intended to make Blackcoin a “stealth” or “dark” coin or defeat the stated goal of mainstream adoption. However, in concert with BlackHalo (allowing anonymity through practices such as cross-chain trading), Wallet Obsidian helps Blackcoin facilitate anonymous trading better than any other coin or system.
Function: Wallet Obsidian is a basic privacy wallet that operates as generally described here: More information on stealth technology can be found here: Some time and expense was required to discover that Obsidian could not be a “standalone” wallet and had to require downloading the blockchain as with other Blackcoin wallets. Wallet Obsidian does not require centralization or a hardfork of the coin to implement its features.
Interface: Wallet Obsidian presently uses the English, Chinese and Spanish interfaces.
Name: Wallet Obsidian is named for the mineral obsidian which is black, opaque and is primarily composed of the molecule silicon dioxide (a chemical attribute it coincidentally shares with the mineral onyx). The icon of Wallet Obsidian represents the molecular diagram of silicon dioxide (SO2) in its crystalline form: a silicon atom connected to four oxygen atoms. The developer group Obsidian Cryptovault Technologies, LLC announced their existence after initial work on Wallet Obsidian’s name, interface and logo were complete. Wallet Obsidian is not affiliated with Obsidian CVT and The Black Chamber is willing to rebrand Wallet Obsidian on request. Obsidian CVT and other developers are free to use Wallet Obsidian’s open-source software and name.
Updates: Although Obsidian is fully operational, JP and The Black Chamber expect to provide updates based on community interest and support. Multi-sig is planned but at a level dependent upon community interest and support. Any and all suggestions or offers of assistance are appreciated.
Announcements: This post on the Blackcoin subreddit will be the primary announcement on Wallet Obsidian. Future announcements will begin here. Please feel free to distribute this message to other media and platforms as you see fit.
Acknowledgments: The members of The Black Chamber would like to thank JP for his good, skilled work in developing Wallet Obsidian. Thank you to the members of the Foundation (including Jabulon, Gritt and dzimbeck) for helping us coordinate work with other Blackcoin developers and answering questions. We’d like to thank Syllabear for his recent work also. Special appreciation is extended to rat4, who developed and continues to develop this ground-breaking, innovative coin. It is obvious that a lot of good, talented people continue to advance this coin. The continuing announcements and contributions of developers, including rat4, Syllabear, dzimbeck, Blackwave Labs and CVT Obsidian, provide just some of the proof that Blackcoin is revolutionary and will continue to innovate.
Donations to The Black Chamber:
BLK: BKpEEeNRDWX1Ph2tp49LV8Z7X8ygR2oqfS
BLK using Obsidian: rVw7dxt2zofsdCbpqQXkYUvPy7gG3fVAcJj1m6HqDdrQeCPquSetzx3Una19UF41eNuex5t46Fw1QrbAWUSNmRqzTmPJ13r7SCqcKq
BTC: 1DcsbBpvG9qe2QSzSMZJtb3rMZn5QbXxrE
Donations to JP and Coinbolt:
BLK using Obsidian: rVwDpd6nZaDq2fxhLNEDLSc4rXyu7iYgvBqfWZFScBMY9zVLGrDZPk6PUNz2FixLdBTN7M3qfUHpsjdUFA2qxDuhhUGRsCFfbREiQL
BTC: 1LVQwcPVwVCshjyWaFtDc23xqiPm53cP9c
The Black Chamber
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Hey r/Bitcoin - Help me convince CEO of CoinJar to enable Bitcoin withdrawals to latest Segwit wallets on CoinJar

I have been chasing this up with their customer support for a month, since I am unable to withdraw my bitcoin from Coinjar into a secure hardware wallet like my Ledger Nano S, where I am using a Segwit address.
After weeks of chasing, their customer support basically told me today that Coinjar has no idea of what even Segwit is.
In their own words:
"Our Engineering Team has spent the past few years focusing solely on bitcoin, however they've now built internal systems to handle additional cryptoassets.
CoinJar is currently in the process of rolling out support for [removed name of alts] to expand our current line up. This will be completed before the end of January. They haven't yet announced any plans of adding additional currencies beyond these three."
I am chasing this up on twitter with Coinjar CEO Asher Tan, but will need the help of all of you to convince him.
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Age Cap for popular trading sites

Why in this day and age do popular investment/trading sites feel there is still a requirement to cap the minimum age to buy BTC, such as independent reserve or Coinjar? I could easily go to Buyabitcoin or and buy BTC with high fees and use the same bitcoin just as destructively if I chose. BTC still has a lot of controversy surrounding it because of the darknet markets and such... but why the Fu** is age capping a thing when all they are doing is shutting themselves out from another market, i could simply get cash out from the local atm and go to the dealer that hangs around my local bus stop and buy drugs if I see fit just as easily if not easier than buying from DNM's. I believe ID verification should be required to prevent money laundering for example but when I posted the required information on independent reserve with my license and address and name they simply replied with an auto-message saying you are under 18, thanks for your understanding. Please, someone, give me another reason why I cannot invest using sites with low fees apart from thinking about LocalBTC as this is not reliable when BTC prices are volatile?
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How can i use Blockchain wallet to buy Ripple

Hey guys, i know there are million google pages which talk about this but every page seems to have a different process. Any help would be great So far, i have a coinjar account, a blockchain wallet, have created an account with evercoin and have a toast wallet.
What i've doe so far: 1. Deposited cash into coinjar and bought bitcoin. 2. Transferred it to Blockchain wallet (not sure if i had to do this but i did anyway)
  1. From here i don't know how to convert that BTC into Ripple exactly. It feels like each step you lose a little due to fees associated with them. -Is it as simple as, logging into evercoin, putting in the blockchain wallet address(refund address) and toast wallet address(destination) and you're done?
Side note: To create a Ripple wallet apparently you need a minium 20xrp. That's a fee you never get back. Now becasue i'm looking at this as a long term invetment i'd like to be using cold storage eventually. When transferring form say Toast to cold storage, would i need to pay (lose) 20xrp each time. Apparently back in the day that was about $4-5 but now that's about $80.
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Bitcoin for web development

I'm a web developer and I want to build a new application that uses Bitcoin. I've spent days looking for ways to have unique, manageable addresses for each user that registers, such as CoinJar or wallets in Bittrex or Coinbase, they're managed on their side.
I've found websites that use APIs like and but I don't want future scalability issues with generating wallets, I want to generate them myself and be able to manage them there.
I hope that you can help me out and hopefully, this becomes a thread that future developers interested in Bitcoin find and use or I'm just thinking like a twat.
Appreciate the help, bitcoin!
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PayPal closed my account, want to use Bitcoin

PayPal closed my account and is holding onto my money for 6 months so needless to say I'm looking elsewhere.
I've been doing some reading and I really just want to be able to receive money. I think I created a wallet with GreenAddress but not sure what to do with it.
The people who are paying me, as well, have no idea how Bitcoin works. Is there something like but for the US?
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How to get started with Snovio! Buying and Storing SNOV.

KuCoin has announced that they will be trading SNOV on January 03, 2018 at 22:00 (UTC +8). With the community growing, this guide will help you purchase and store your SNOV.
The current exchanges are: - Tidex - EhterDelta - Soon: KuCoin
Amongst them, they have the pairings of SNOV/ETH and SNOV/BTC.
To get started:
  1. If you don’t have any ethereum or bitcoin, you will need to buy some. You can buy them on various exchanges, such as Coinbase, GDAX, BTCMarkets, Coinjar (Referral, will give you and I 500 coinjar points to waiver transaction fees)
  2. To trade on KuCoin, create an account: KuCoin (Referral |Non-referral)
  3. Deposit your ethereum or bitcoin into your wallet: log into your KuCoin account, go to your dashboard and click on the cryptocurrency deposit. Note: Ethereum and Bitcoin will have different wallets.
  4. Once your deposits have been completed, you can go into the “Markets” and trade your Ethereum or Bitcoin for SNOV.
  5. Congratulations, you have acquired some SNOV tokens.
You can keep your SNOV within the exchange, however this is not recommended as there is a small chance that the exchange may get hacked. SNOV is an erc20 token and can be stored in a MyEtherWallet.
To trade on EtherDelta (only works with Ethereum):
  1. Complete step 1 above.
  2. Create a MyEtherWallet and download MetaMask extension into your browser:
  3. Your MyEtherWallet will have a universal address for you to deposit Ethereum into. Transfer your ehtereum into your wallet.
  4. Go to my EtherDelta:
  5. Deposit your Eth into the EtherDelta and trade your eth for SNOV. Make sure you withdraw your SNOV back into your wallet after completion.
Note: You should check what the current gas prices are on: to make sure your transaction will complete.
Unfortunately, I have no experience using TIDEX.
Hope this helps
Another shameless plug of my KuCoin referral:
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Buying Bitcoin at a newsagent in Australia. Not so easy.

I thought I'd celebrate the impending halvening by purchasing bitcoin from a local newsagent via their in-store 'nparcel' app that is also used for tracking parcel delivery and for refilling a betting app (neither are bitcoin related).
First step is scanning a QR code for the receiving address, at least, that's what the assistant thought. So I pulled out my Schildbach Android Wallet, maximised the QR code receive address and pointed it at the camera of the iPad. It wouldn't scan... We tried the front facing camera... nup. CoinJar wallet... no. Mycellium... nope. So the assistant tried manually tried typing in the receive address, which is no mean feat. It didn't work, and that was most likely a typo.
So, I assume some Australian has had a successful transaction via nparcel? Perhaps somebody has an idea where we were going wrong? As it was it wasn't a great story for Bitcoin
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[Help]First transaction and it's stuck in limbo. What happens now?

So today I deposited some cash into coinjar and then bought bitcoin. I then transferred a small portion of that 0.005008btc to my blockchain wallet as a test. I used this as a test because I'd then like to transfer all of it and use that to buy ripple. The transfer was sent from coinjar, however, never appeared in my wallet. It's been about 12hrs but I when onto and it looks like nothing is there. I'm not really sure what it all means because it says no transactions found at this address. The btc was sent from coinjar but never arrived but I also can't see a status or anything like that. The adress is certainly correct because I did it myself.
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Why is there still an age cap on popular trading sites?

Why in this day and age do popular investment/trading sites feel there is still a requirement to cap the minimum age to buy BTC, such as independent reserve or Coinjar? I could easily go to Buyabitcoin or and buy BTC with high fees and use the same bitcoin just as destructively if I chose. BTC still has a lot of controversy surrounding it because of the darknet markets and such... but why the Fu** is age capping a thing when all they are doing is shutting themselves out from another market, i could simply get cash out from the local atm and go to the dealer that hangs around my local bus stop and buy drugs if I see fit just as easily if not easier than buying from DNM's. I believe ID verification should be required to prevent money laundering for example but when I posted the required information on independent reserve with my license and address and name they simply replied with an auto-message saying you are under 18, thanks for your understanding. Please, someone, give me another reason why I cannot invest using sites with low fees apart from thinking about LocalBTC as this is not reliable when BTC prices are volatile?
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Probably silly to ask, but (what the heck) ...

Well, when I got started with bitcoin earlier this year, I got busy exploring the different wallets. I bought some bitcoins and moved them between wallets to see how the whole process worked, and also I wanted to understand how the different wallets worked. I ended up using MultiBit for the most part, but I also tried hot wallets, such as breadwallet, hive, coinjar, or online wallets, such as Circle, coinbase, and blockchain. I also ended up with several paper wallets for long time storage, which I however ended up unloading into a mytrezor just recently. As dumb as it might sound, but I somehow lost a transaction in the process. For some reason I believe I made a transaction, but I do not know to which wallet. I double checked all my wallets, but I do not know where I sent this transaction to. As that transaction contained 10.09 btc it seems to be a rather costly fuck up. So, my question is, is there any way to somehow find out, which service a certain public address belongs to? I am very convinced there is no way to do so, but what do I know.
I believe the transaction I am missing was the one sent to this address: 12VrVY8f13Tr2EAYSTYb4MQkqTg9uDoG4n
EDIT: Could be from one of the paper wallets I had. I depleted those wallets via blockchain by importing the private keys. Could not be that there were amounts left over on those paper wallets, could there?
EDIT2: BTW, thank you all for your constructive comments. I actually believed I would get mocked much more for my mistake. Would have deserved it, in any case.
Thanks for any ideas on this matter.
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Best way to transfer $3k AUD -> US Bank Account (without OzForex)

I'm in America for the next 3 months, and need to transfer a bunch of cash over (about AU$2k/mo). I've tried to set up an account with OzForex but as I'm currently in the US they say they need to use my US address - and I don't have proof of this address as I've only just gotten here and don't have any utility bills or statements with my address on it (and won't for my duration, I'm AirBNBing).
So what are my best options for doing a transfer to a US bank account?
I have Coinjar set up and could maybe do something with bitcoin, I also have a CBA account but their exchange rate is abysmal (~.68c plus international transfer fees, when the Ozforex rate is 0.73c!)
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Pamela Morgan and Tatiana Moroz - CoinJar - YouTube CoinJar Swipe - Australia's first EFTPOS debit card for Bitcoin Andreas M. Antonopoulos - CoinJar : Send, Receive and Store Digital Currency!

Detailed information about bitcoin address 137dqcJARdgSaccm5EdgyJvPJq1UcH4YJF. Transactions found for address 137dqcJARdgSaccm5EdgyJvPJq1UcH4YJF. The Bitcoin Address was a chance for us to give back to the Australian community. Our customers are an integral part of our growth and this was a way for us to say thank you. It has been quite a year for Bitcoin, and we’ve been quietly reinventing CoinJar, building products for the future of consumer finance. By far our favourite event for the year, The Bitcoin Address was a whirlwind of ... CoinJar is a digital currency platform that lets you buy, sell, spend and trade your cryptocurrency. Open a CoinJar today. ... Amazing app! I was able to sign up, verify my I’d documents and transfer money through Osko and then buy bitcoin under 5 min! Finally - a user intuitive app. Intuitive, well designed and laid out, simple to use and user friendly. Thanks. Awesome & much needed update ... To receive payments from external wallets, you can view your receiving address within your CoinJar. This is a unique code that can be shared with anyone in the world, and any funds of that digital currency type sent to this address will be added to your CoinJar. Of course, others can also provide you with their own receiving address for you to make a payment to their non-CoinJar wallet. Once you've sent a bitcoin payment from CoinJar to an external bitcoin address, that transfer's details (amount sent, sending/receiving bitcoin address, as well as the date of transfer) can be found on the blockchain. This information is then publicly available, and given its own transaction ID-or TXID. At times, the recipient of your bitcoin transfermay request thistransaction ID from you ...

[index] [42056] [40599] [7304] [13056] [735] [28010] [37200] [38978] [1756] [36937]

Pamela Morgan and Tatiana Moroz - "Bitcoin and Smart Contracts" - The Bitcoin Address

News and videos from the CoinJar Team. Andreas M. Antonopoulos - "What Bitcoin Means For Unbanked Economies" - The Bitcoin Address - Duration: 1 hour, 35 minutes. CoinJar is the simplest way to get started with digital currency. We’ve picked the best digital currencies, tokens, and stablecoins for you to buy, sell and manage on-the-go with low fees ... Getting Started With Coinjar The simplest way to buy, sell and spend bitcoin. CoinJar is Australia's most popular Bitcoin wallet. Coinjar, an exchange and wallet provider, is the market leader in ... At the 2014 Bitcoin Address in Sydney, We talk with Sam from Aussie startup Coinjar about taking Bitcoin to the mainstream with their Swipe debit card. This EFTPOS Debit card allows anyone to ... Tutorial video on how to send money to your Coinjar account. Sign up to your free coinjar account