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Reasons for investing in CanYa after price drops 90%

Why I Invested in CanYa
Cryptocurrencies are grabbing the news headlines, and their performance has exceeded many a speculative investor’s wildest dreams. Blockchains remove the shady side of digital currencies by making all transactions fully traceable, but despite addressing the concerns raised by those who are uncomfortable with the possible ethical implications of supporting cryptocurrencies, few of them are particularly stable.
CanYa seems to be bucking the system by offering a genuinely promising investment opportunity that could yield excellent returns. How safe is CanYa? Its recent selection by China’s online retail giant, is evidence of the trust that CanYa engenders, and it’s the cryptocurrency-specific accounting setup that’s one of the biggest contributors to this vote of confidence. The company admits that, following its launch, it found itself in an “accounting and compliance hole,” but its subsequent actions have dug it well and truly out of that hole.
JD president Yongli Yu says that whole-process traceability is important, and that CanYa’s blockchain meets it and its clients’ requirement for transparency. And in case you’ve never heard of, we’re talking about a China-based retail platform with revenue of nearly $50 billion and over 266 million active users.
Why Consumers and Investors are Turning to CanYa
There is no shortage of reasons to get involved with CanYa. The blockchain-powered marketplace allows for cryptocurrency-based business transactions covering freelance services. The platform allows users to choose between currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum and its own token, the CAN. And if users still prefer to transact using Australian Dollars, there’s room for that option too.
CAN might sound like just another crypto, but CanYa says that its coin can’t be created out of thin air. The number of coins in circulation will decrease over time as a result, and that will boost the value of the currency still further.
The company purchased a stake in crowdfunding and bounty service Bountysource, an established platform that first began to do business back in the 2000s and CAN coins can be used as an actual currency that nevertheless manages to duck the currency exchange fees that would ordinarily apply to international transactions.
With stability and value assured, consumers and investors around the world are turning to CanYa as a viable and trustworthy alternative to traditional transaction platforms and currencies.
It’s a Real Business
The cryptocurrency boom has given rise to a lot of hype, and there are almost certain to be casualties, but CanYa is a real business with concrete assets at its disposal. Investor trust is evidenced by the $12 million in investment already raised, while the company itself is probably significantly undervalued at a worth of $15 million when its successful projects to date are taken into account.
CanYa is achieving worldwide recognition, and’s recent endorsement of the blockchain is CanYa’s latest triumph. I’m confident that it won’t be the company’s last. With JD’s business development acumen, marketing power, and existing network to boost the business, CanYa seems destined to grow from strength to strength. Will CanYa disrupt the services platforms industry by providing a peer to peer platform that doesn’t charge ridiculously high commissions to freelance service providers and their clients? It’s already doing so, and with cryptocurrencies becoming a mainstream means of payment, CanYa’s own digital currency is sure to thrive.
You may be asking how low can it go?
Valid point, while you may be concerned about how much further the price of CanYa can go, you have to go back to market fundamentals before making the decision of buy or sell. Sure, the crypto market is falling at the time of writing this blog (BTC: $8,900 ETH: 691 XRP: 0.80). You need to remember the blockchain markets are just like any other financial market, plus some. In February 2018, the Dow Jones [DJIA] dropped close to 10% in only a week of trading and every investor started hitting the panic button; however what followed was nearly a full recovery which is still in progress.
The point being when you are investing in an asset, you have to look at two things, the market conditions and the fundamental value of the asset. For CAN, it can be argued at this level they are nearly cash backed, which leaves very little room for potential price failure.
Taking the current market cap of $15m (USD), the cash they hold from the cap raise, the $2m CAN buy-back, the joint venture potential with, the investment, and the upcoming launch of the CanYa platform, there’s lots to look forward to!
Another important factor when looking at price action on any financial market is the volume. In the instance of CAN, the volume is averaging 0.6% of the market cap which is relatively low compared to its peers. Price drops on low volume generally don’t sound the panic buttons for investors.
That’s all for now, we will keep you updated with our views for CAN as things develop further over the next few months with some exciting developments coming.
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Dev Meeting Notes, 2016 08 22

#namecoin-meeting notes, 2016 08 21 # Present: Jeremy Jonas Brandon Midnightmagic Pigeons Joseph Namecoin Core The wallet name operation bug in Brandon's name tab PR has been isolated by Jeremy. Appears to be a bug in upstream Bitcoin Core (or perhaps Namecoin Core master branch) that has been fixed. Whit Jackson submitted a documentation PR for building on OS X. If anyone can test, please do so! Jonas will test this. Jeremy noticed that Travis CI accidentally flagged our repo as "potential abuse detected". Jeremy contacted Travis CI support and got our account whitelisted. Jonas notices that the Travis CI builds for our 0.13 branch are failing at the moment. Jeremy suggests filing a GitHub issue. Jeremy asked Jonas to submit a PR for Gitian builds for OS X. DrHaribo of BitMinter requested that getblocktemplate be re-added to Namecoin Core. Jeremy points out that since nVersion=4 blocks are nearing the lock-in point, we should deal with this sooner rather than later so that BitMinter doesn't get kicked off the network. Brandon asked on GitHub about how wallet unlocking should be done with the name tab GUI. Upon discussion, Brandon currently plans to try using the raw transaction API for this. Daniel submitted a PR to temporarily disable the low-S standardness check. This should improve confirmation times for the old 0.3.80 clients. The check will be restored after AAA activates. Test reports would be great. Jeremy points out that this needs to be done before nVersion=4 blocks are locked in. Jeremy wonders whether we should cancel plans to release 0.12 as stable, and focus on 0.13 branch. Tentative plan: keep maintaining 0.12 until Bitcoin Core releases v0.13.0; backport the name tab to whatever stable branch exists at the time that it's merged to master. SPV Jeremy's initial PR for Namecoin support has been merged to libdohj. Jeremy still needs to rebase the bitcoinj-addons code based on the libdohj changes made during review, and then submit a pull request. In the meantime, Jeremy's latest bitcoinj-addons and libdohj code is posted. Someone please test it? Jeremy asks if he should post a link on Reddit. Jonas says yes. Jeremy will do so. ncdns Jeremy asked about the old fork of a Conformal library (see previous meeting); Hugo doesn't recall details but thinks it had to do with pre-Namecoin-Core not following spec properly. Hugo would be happy to accept a PR to make it use the current Conformal libs. Jeremy pointed out that sometime in the future we should fix the Extended Key Usage Critical flag on the dehydrated cert template. Go's standard library doesn't have a built-in way of setting that flag, which is why it's not in the first draft. Jeremy and Ryan can't think of any plausible attacks where it matters. Jeremy suggests a 1.0 BTC bounty for an ncdns NSIS installer. Possibly funded 50/50 by NMDF and a fundraiser. Mining Cassini noticed that BTCC and ViaBTC have started mining Namecoin. This is good news for mining diversity. F2Pool's share of Namecoin blocks is down to circa 43% as of July 26, 2016. Public Relations Cassini represented us at GETD#4 in Berlin July 22-23. Jeremy mentions that we should think about translation workflow. Jeremy notes that Bitcoin Core is using Transifex. Jeremy says that whatever works for Bitcoin Core, should probably work for us. Midnightmagic concurs. Joseph believes that Armory (post-ATI) is trying Transifex. Brandon asks what the pricing looks like for Transifex. Joseph believes it's gratis for open-source projects. Jeremy notes that Wikipedia confirms this. Jeremy wonders what safeguards are in place on Transifex to reduce risk of malicious translations. Joseph isn't sure. Jeremy points out that the way we organize the list of exchanges doesn't make sense for decentralized exchanges like Bitsquare. Jeremy suggests listing decentralized exchanges at the top of the list. Jeremy notes that this might annoy the centralized exchanges who pay us for placement, but that this doesn't bother him at all. Midnightmagic concurs. Pigeons mentions that he's seen an increase in Namecoin offers on Bitsquare recently. Jeremy will have a table at the OU CS welcome party on Sept. 9. Let's try to recruit some developers! Brandon asks what the status is of the students from last year. Jeremy is sad to report that the SPV student and the UX student from last year are not participating this semester. Pigeons says a "Namecoin vs Blockstack" FAQ entry would be helpful. Jeremy will work on it. Midnightmagic asks if a meetingbot would be welcome. Jeremy says yes. Midnightmagic will look at setting one up. Funding Jeremy has filed a complaint with Tip4Commit about their usage of CloudFlare CAPTCHAs. Tip4Commit has not responded after 25 days. BountySource balance: $5/month from 1 recurring supporter Total funds available: $304 USD Pigeons suggests looking into Patreon. Jeremy notes that they have CloudFlare CAPTCHAs. Jeremy notes that Wikipedia says they take a 5% commision, which is half of BountySource's 10%. Jeremy notes that some free software projects use them currently. Jeremy will look into this in more detail later. NMDF incoming funds: 0 mBTC received since 2016 07 03 0 NMC received since 2016 07 03 Pigeons suggests looking into Flattr. Jeremy notes that they have CloudFlare CAPTCHAs. Jeremy notes that Wikipedia says they take a 10% fee (same as BountySource). Jeremy will look into this in more detail later. 
Note: I made a typo in the title of this post on Reddit; the quoted date of the meeting is correct. (I can't see a way to edit the title of a Reddit post.)
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